Adam Kadamon

Age: Unknown
Gender: Sexless (but for sake of writing will be referred to as "he")
Allegiance: Messiah

Background: A creation of God, an Angel that can control time itself.

Basic: A mysterious Angel who stops the time on Assiah while Setsuna attempts to rebel against Heaven and set the world right.

Information: Adam Kadamon is imprisoned in Heaven, but hidden well - not even Sevotharte knows where he is. Adam Kadamon appears periodically and helps with Setsuna's quest, and turned back time to before the material world was destroyed, freezing it while Setsuna tries to go against Heaven. He had saved Zaphkiel's life when Zaphkiel slit his throat in an attempt to commit suicide, and Zaphkiel was blinded by the encounter. He controls the power of miracles and in God's absense has become "God". He's imprisoned in one of the highest layers of Heaven, and seems to know everything. As time goes on, Adam Kadamon is "dying", and tries to hurry the others along in their quest to release him. When the image of God is destroyed by Lucifer, Adam Kadamon is released - however, things are not as they seem. Adam Kadamon steals away Rociel's "heart", the crystal within him, and reveals himself to be truly evil, wishing to have everything under his command. However, this is not the true Adam Kadamon that has been helping Setsuna along in his quest, though he appears to be so. The true Adam Kadamon has been giving birth to all the angels, which are devouring him, and thus all angels are suffering from the same sin of consumption of their parent. Adam Kadamon is very weak when Setsuna discovers him, and the true Adam Kadamon reveals the fake to be his spirit when he was under control by God, and the God that had been destroyed was only humans' perception of what God should look like. The true Adam Kadamon is dying, and uses the last of his strength to tell Setsuna of the highest layer of Heaven, where the computer "Heaven's Tablet" exists. Adam Kadamon's powers were split up into Alexiel and Rociel.