Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Allegiance: Gehenna

Background: Has a twin brother, Rociel . She was in love with God, but God favored Rociel , and upon his disappearance joined the demons, turning against her brother.

Basic: The Organic Angel Alexiel, champion of the Demons.

Information: In her battle with Rociel , rather than kill him, she sealed his body away into the earth. She was afterward captured by angels, and her body was imprisoned in crystal while her soul was doomed to be constantly reincarnated into different bodies on the earth, her punishment given to her by Uriel , and to die horribly in each incarnation. The curse was lifted from her when Sara died in Setsuna's stead, and Alexiel's body was released from the crystal when Setsuna's soul went into her body upon returning from Hell. When Setsuna's body was being revived, Alexiel's soul was conscious once more, and she reveals why she didn't kill Rociel back in that battle. Long ago, he'd known his fate, and hadn't wanted to fall victim to it, asking that Alexiel kill him when his body and mind began to deteriorate. However, just as she was about to strike the killing blow, Rociel demanded to know why she'd kill her own beloved brother, and she lost the strength to do it, instead choosing to seal him away. She went through incarnation after incarnation, realizing when she became "Setsuna" that he was the Messiah, and had been doing her best to manipulate the strings that long ago had been set. Alexiel tries to end God's curse placed upon she and Rociel the day they were born, and also knew that Metatron and
Sandalphon would be a repeat of the mistake. She is called a savior of many, but calls herself the Angel of Death for all that she has done. Alexiel was imprisoned in Eden for a long time, her powers confined by the roots of the Tree of Knowledge. She had eaten from the tree while in Eden, further damning her existance, and cannot die, for she can always be regenerating. It is therefore possible that Rociel could take pieces of her body and the pieces would grow back. However, his body is rejecting her DNA and has begun to rot, so he seeks to become one with her instead in order to enter Azulith. Alexiel and the Messiah together destroyed the roots of the tree and released Alexiel's strength so that she may use her Astral powers in Eden. She is one half of the key to the Tower of Etemananki, and her twin brother is the other half. Setsuna allows Alexiel to awaken for a time and she tells Rociel that she really did love him, but was told by God that if she wanted to save her brother she must NEVER show her love for him. It was out of fear of the two joining and giving power back to Adam Kadamon that he told this to the twins. Alexiel allowed Rociel to die, and then allowed Setsuna's consciousness to reawaken after Rociel granted Setsuna his own three wings.

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