Age: In demon years, she is still fairly young, not yet an adult
Gender: Female
Allegiance: Setsuna and Hell

Background: Kurai is the true Dragonmaster. Her identity was kept secret by her parents - so much in fact that her family allowed her brother, Arakune , to believe that he was actually the dragonmaster. It was a scheme to keep their enemies from learning the true dragonmaster's identity. When Hell was attacked by Angels, Kurai watched as some of her kinsmen were cut down before her eyes. Alexiel, the Organic Angel, saved her, and since then Kurai has looked up to Alexiel.

Basic: A demon princess who follows Setsuna around, trying to get him to awaken as Alexiel . She dresses and acts like a boy, and has a traumatic past behind her.

Information: Kurai is a tomboy demon princess of Gehenna. When she was much younger and was returning home after her exile, she came to find that her people had been destroyed by Angels. She was about to be killed herself when Alexiel arrived and saved her life. Though Kurai appears to be nothing more than a small child, she is intelligent and has been around for many years. She seeks Alexiel in Assiah, and at first finds it very difficult to believe that Alexiel exists within Setsuna's body. However, after some time she realizes that Setsuna is Alexiel , and it is then that she devotes herself to helping him. Kurai and Arakune get Alexiel's body from Heaven in the very beginning of the series, and bring her to Hell. Kurai lives with those who are left of her people after the massacre. The
Mad Hatter tried and succeeded in getting Kurai to agree to marry Lucifer in return for Setsuna's body's revival. It was, however, a trick, which Kurai soon found out, and she was rescued from hell by
Setsuna and Noise , who had gone there to find her after they found out what she had agreed to. She took responsibility for Arakune's death when she arrived, and swore to help her nation fight the Angel Army in Heaven. As of now (volume 17 ch.4) her whereabouts are unknown, as Katou lost contact with her when Hell fell into anarchy. However, Kurai is just fine, and joins Setsuna in the final battle. She searches for him on Earth after the confrontation is over with, and is happy, though she realizes that Setsuna's reunion with his sister means that he will never love her.