I like Rociel
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Ayashi: Okay sure, he's a little insane here and there...but I like him anyway ^^; I'm not really sure why o_o I like his determination, and his...insanity? Rociel used to be a very good person, and I can't disregard that ^^; So what if he's a little insane..? XP Plus he's not all evil - he was someone before he was "the bad guy", and I like that.

Arsenothelys: Ah, the Inorganic Angel. Insane, and pretty with a sharp edge. Even he, almost evil incarnate, is capable of emotion, and in need of love and validation. In fact, it seems like his emotions drove him to insanity. He is so concerned on what others think of him, he'll manipulate them, or even turn them into mindless servants. Of course, he's callous and vain to the extreme, but his quest to be appreciated makes him so appealing. After mortally wounding Dubbiel, for instance, his choice of taunts reveals his pain at being hated or ignored. Of course, the fact that he's dead attractive helps with the sympathy thing.

Natasha Hill: There are many reasons why he is my most loved, favorite character. He is cruel and evil in a different way. He shows is through charm, seduction, and forgivingly. Basically all his disturbing behavior is due to his sister, his past quarrel, probably which led to his insanity. I think it's beautiful and throughout his reign of chaos, terror, and the emotional distress he endures, that he truthfully loves his sister and his "son" Katan. You really can't call him evil if you ask me, and that made it easier for me to love this character more. And last but not least... I think he's gorgeous no matter what!!! Rociel-sama rules!

I feel neutral toward Rociel
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Angelus Serene: Alright, Rociel-sama. Where do I start, well, I like him, and I don't like him ^^;. I like his character, his insanity, and, well....ya his insanity! ^__^;; He seems not completely evil (how could Katan-sama come from him if her were, ne? ^-^) And I find him very amusing at times. But sometimes Roci-sama scares the crap out of me x.x I don't know why, maybe it just as something to do with him wanting to be 'pretty'. ^_^; Ahem, I still think his character is definitely amusing, and cool, I like him more than I dislike him. And finally, if Roci-san had a theme song, x.x, scary thought (me sorting out theme songs) it would probably be "I'm so pretty" from Westside Story. *ahem* ^__^;;

Lirien: Rociel, ...That's such a toughie. I love the way Kaori Yuki-san draws him, he's just gorgeous, but his I don't like him. I think he's a cool character, but I don't particularly like him. I have no reason to. He's mad! Even worse than Dilandau mad (a character from Escaflowne, for those who don't know). Yes, he's scary. And he's cool looking and he's great for plot interest. What more can be said?

I dislike Rociel
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