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Messiah - Track 1 of the Angel Sanctuary OAV Original Soundtrack. Opening theme.

You, messiah
clockwork angel
wake up, shine bright
on the endless night
release all my glacier time

From him who is and who was and who is coming,
"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End."
"I know your doings,
that you are said to live, but you are dead."
"Be awake and invigorate the things that remain
that are at the point of dying."
"Fallen, Babylon the great,"
"I'm coming soon,"
"And night shall be no more."
Hallelujah! Salvation, glory, and power belongs to God

Aurora, eschaton open eyes,
Midday, you'd be no more boy
Twilight, though your wings torn away,

Silent sea, screamin' ground, shinin' sky to fly
Emerald sea, sardius ground, jasper sky to bleed.
and fall as sweet rain...

Knife of Romance (OAV Version) - Track 29 of the Angel Sanctuary OAV Original Soundtrack. Transliterated by Ayashi. Ending theme.

Omae no kizuguchi kuchibiru de nazoru
Yume no hahen ga tsukisasaru
Mune no oku kakusu romansu no naifu
Misei no hada ni oshiateta

Yarusenai mayonaka wo kuchizuke de hikiasaide kure

Omae wa
Saigo no romantisuto
Kirukizame kokoro no soko made, darling
Ai no kazudake kizutsuite
Mitsuketai tenshitachi no tanjou

Omae wa
Maigo no romantisuto
Yakisukuse kogoeta kokoro de, darling
Kisuno kazudake kanjitai
Furisosogu tenshitachi no namida wo