Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Sways from Kurai to Hell

Background: Older brother to Kurai , vastly jealous when he discovers he is not the true Dragonmaster. He pretends he is her cousin when she returns from exile.

Basic: Kurai's "cousin" and best friend.

Information: Kurai's 'cousin', a demon of Gehenna. Arakune is a crossdresser, and would much prefer to wear a woman's clothes than a man's. He seems to be very close to Kurai , and acts like a protector for her. Where you find Kurai , you almost always find Arakune. However, this is an act. Arakune is actually one of Kurai's older brothers, the third son, and he's bent on getting revenge. He grew up believing that he was to become the next Dragonmaster, and he grew up in solitude, told that this was happening because otherwise he would be an easy target for assassins. He was often ignored by his parents, and this hurt him a lot, mentally and emotionally. After an attack by Angels, Arakune finds out that he actually wasn't supposed to become the next Dragonmaster, it was all a ploy to trick the angels, and the 14th daughter, Kurai, was supposed to be the next Dragonmaster. Enraged, Arakune 'died' and killed the son of one of Kurai's aunts or uncles and took his name - the real Arakune, her cousin, died. Arakune acted as a spy for the angels, and called them upon the kingdom. It was his fault that many of Kurai's family members died. Arakune's real purpose was first discovered by Voice, but Arakune killed him to avoid being found out. Arakune later "died" by Noise's hand, as revenge for the death of her twin brother. He worshipped Lucifer instead of the dragons like most of the Evils, and he died still seeming to care for Kurai - not in the fake way he always had, but as the companion to Kurai that he had been. He reappeared and stabbed the Mad Hatter through the abdomen, then released the monster inside of him that had given him his powers. He sacrificed himself as the 999th bride of Lucifer , because he reasoned that the bride only had to be pure - not necessarily a woman. He died after confessing to Kurai that at first he had merely meant to get revenge, but eventually had grown happy in his fake life, and he wished it had really been so.