You know you've been reading too much Angel Sanctuary if...

1. You and your friends call each other by the names of the characters they resemble most, instead of their own. (Arsenothelys)
2. You identify with a character so much you use their name in your e-mail address. (Arsenothelys)
3. You regularly forget your laundary, razors, toothbrush, or combs at your dorm when going home for the weekend, but never any of your Angel Sanctuary volumes. (Arsenothelys)
4. You own the Angel Box.
5. You start talking like Mad Hatter (e.g. One must leave no before one's parents kill one) (Lirien)
6. You compare everyone you know with characters from AS (there are so many to choose from) (Lirien)
7. You look for the computer game "Angel Sanctuary" (Lirien)
8. You wonder why no one ever names their child Lucifer. After all, it's such a cool name. (Lirien)
9. You are in love with Raphael (Guilty ^.^) (Lirien)
10. You actually attempt to explain Angel Sanctuary to your mother (Aoi) [I've done that! ^^ -Ayashi]
11. You've gotten your mother to like Angel Sanctuary (Aoi)
12. Your pet, in a jealous rage, dismembers your manga, whereupon you sell said pet and have a funeral for your books. (Aoi)
13. People ask you about your "When the Rapture comes, can I have your sister?" bumper sticker, and they get an earful regardless of whether or not they want to. (Aoi)
14. You're on a first-name basis with the people who run the special order department of your favorite importer. (Aoi)
15. Those feathered wings from your Halloween costume have migrated into your basic wardrobe and no longer alarm you friends. (Aoi)
16. You go to church to read your books, just for atmosphere. (Aoi)
17. You get a full body tattoo of all the AS characters on your back and it wraps around your torso.
18. You name all your plants/pets after them, "here setsuna here kitty kitty..." (snoys)
19. You buy the bedroom set (if there is one) / decorate your room fully loaded up on AS (including the posters on the ceiling so they are the last thing you see before you go to bed and the first thing you see when you wake up) (snoys)
20. Someone beat you to a AS statue on ebay and you are looking through their personal files to see where they life.. >;) (snoys)
21. You spend at least 3 hours a day something something AS-y like updating your already updated website. (snoys)
22. You have memorized word for word all of the AS manga's (double obsessed if they are all in Japanese) (snoys)
23. You have your clothing special made so that you are styling AS wear 24/7 underwear, bra, pants, shirts, and you have the nearest AS dealer on speed dial (for those spcial AS emergencies like when the vcr ate your last copy of Angel Sanctuary (when I say I copy I mean back up just in case, hey I have 31! JoKe!) (snoys)