Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Unknown

Background: Brother to Metatron.

Basic: Top Secret Angel in Heaven.

Information: Sandalphon exists within his twin brother's, Metatron's , body. He is the Angel that was decreed by God to have the power to end the world, and Metatron is supposed to be the cap on his power, so if Sandalphon were ever to go out of control, Metatron could pull him back. Sandalphon spends much of his time looking for new "mother's" so he can truly have his own body (for he cannot remain in Metatron's form for long). He first rapes Layla (aka Sevotharte ) in order to make this child, and after her suicide finds a new "mother" in Sara . Sandalphon has the ability to eat dreams. Sandalphon possesses Sara and uses her body to go to the Tower of Etemananki, where he hopes to possess the Heaven's Tablet and gain the power to be born of Sara's body. Sandalphon is purged from Sara's body and she awakens finally to see Setsuna for who is really is.