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Welcome to Kinryouku!

This website is dedicated to the manga "Angel Sanctuary", written and drawn by Kaori Yuki.

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At first, Angel Sanctuary seems almost like your run-of-the-mill apocalyptic manga. The year is 1999, and somehow some normal, or seemingly normal, high school boy has to save the world. Angel Sanctuary is just that - but below that shallow surface is a maelstrom of plot and character development that sets it apart from every other "end of the world" story out there.

Setsuna Mudou is, at first glance, your run-of-the-mill high school boy. He's a troublemaker, child of two now-divorced parents, but still has a soft side when it comes to his younger sister, Sara Mudou. Where he differs from other high school boys is just how deep his love for his sibling goes. Setsuna feels tortured by this attraction to his sister that he can't explain, but his love for Sara isn't nearly his biggest problem. Setsuna finds himself unwillingly drawn into a conflict between Heaven and Hell, and that he is the reincarnation of the Organic Angel known as Alexiel. He is the Messiah that the Angels have been fighting against ever surviving, and the Messiah that the demons have been waiting for.

I created this page, first and foremost, because I love Angel Sanctuary. Back when I started reading it, in August of the year 2000, there were few Angel Sanctuary pages anywhere on the 'net that I could find, and when I first created this webpage in December of 2000 there still were few pages about. I spent the next few months on content, and submitted it to anipike.com sometime in February or March. Since then, the popularity of the series has increased, mainly due to the release of the DVD in the United States.

This site was named "kinryouku" because it is the second word of "Tenshi Kinryouku", which is Japanese for "Angel Sanctuary". Please enjoy the site, if you ever cared to read this thing... which I doubt you did. But hey. I guess anything's possible. If you didn't care to read this thing... well, enjoy it anyway. Though I can't see why you'd be reading this part of the paragraph if you haven't read the rest of this page...

I have Riven and Rugle to thank for introducing me to Angel Sanctuary. Back in the days when I used to chat in IRC, I heard about Angel Sanctuary first from Rugle, and then was sent a picture of Setsuna by Riven. I found the art to be absolutely gorgeous (It was the picture on the cover of the sixth graphic novel) and when I went to Otakon 2000 found the manga and bought it impulsively. Luckily, after some searching, I found translations, and have been reading it ever since.

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