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[all sounds are in their original Japanese dialogue and long dialogues are shortened in my description to make them not take up half a page.  I took these sounds from my dvds, using my microphone.]

Alexiel - I am the Organic Angel Alexiel...
Arakune - Hey, Kurai--
Arakune - This is our chance
Narrator - Her name is Angel...
Narrator - Awaken
Katan - What should I do?
Katan - You haven't changed.
Kira - Hey, Setsuna.
Kira - I don't get it. Why don't you cut me off?
Kira - This is the only way I know.
Kira - I told you not to ingest strange things, Katou.
Kurai - Alexiel-sama.
Kurai - You're too cruel, Alexiel-sama
Kurai - These worlds are two sides of the same coin
Kurai - I've finally found you
Rociel - Have a good dream.
Rociel - Hey, Katan, am I beautiful?
Rociel - How did you turn out this way?
Rociel - I am Rociel
Rociel - If you don't learn to love me I'll kill you
Rociel - Yes, everyone says so!
Rociel - Absurd
Rociel - Alexiel-neesan
Sara - Aniki!
Sara - I'm all right
Sara - Ne, nanda o
Setsuna - Break it totally
Setsuna - God save this Angel from my hands
Setsuna - I don't have the time to fuck with you!
Setsuna - I really don't want to hurt you
Setsuna - I wanna fuck.
Setsuna - I want only one.
Setsuna - Release Sara!
Setsuna - Run, Sara
Setsuna - She knows my secret
Setsuna - Sorry, I, in the present, cannot help you
Setsuna - Stop, Rociel!
Setsuna - Who are you?
Setsuna - Where God can't find us
Setsuna - Sempai?
Setsuna - This is it.
Setsuna - Senpaaiiii~~~~!