Character Information

Angel Sanctuary's cast is huge. Some people will not be included here for either one or both of two reasons, being these:

  1. This is a non-spoiler page and some characters can't be gone into much without giving away some story
  2. Some characters aren't significant enough to the story to have below. All characters below are either very important and/or are in the first three graphic novels.

Warning! The character pages linked below contain spoiler information.

Setsuna Mudou: The main character. Setsuna is the reincarnation of the Organic Angel Alexiel and is in love with his sister, Sara. Set is very protective of his friends and will do almost anything for them. He is very self-sacrificial in that way, but also in his own way is selfish. He lives with his father, and his mother hates him - it is said that Setsuna was the cause of his parents' divorce.
Sara Mudou: Sister of Setsuna, she is Setsuna's weak point. If she is in trouble, Setsuna will risk all to save her life. She meets up with him once a month as they agreed after their parents were divorced. She lives with her mother.
Alexiel: The Organic Angel Alexiel, she betrayed Heaven and went to work with the demons. Her body is encased in crystal for her crimes against heaven. Kurai and Arakune seek her.
Rociel: Twin brother of Alexiel, Rociel is the Inorganic angel. He wants to awaken Setsuna, so Setsuna will realize who Rociel is and will finally love him. Rociel had the love of God, whereas Alexiel did not.
Sakuya Kira: Setsuna's friend, he stays pretty close to Setsuna and usually ends up saving him when Set's just about to be royally beaten up. He and Setsuna have been friends since junior high or earlier. Though part of the "bad crowd", he seems to often be getting Setsuna out of trouble, rather than putting him in it.
Katan: An Angel who works for Rociel. Katan brings Rociel back into the material world, and unseals him. However, even though Katan appears to be on Rociel's side, he certainly doesn't believe in everything Rociel stands for.
Kirie: An understudy in heaven who works for Rociel. She loves him and will do anything for him, even if it means going against the laws of Heaven.
Zaphkiel: A blind angel who often is found wandering around earth. He is one of the higher ranking Angels, and it is said he lost his sight upon seeing the legendary Adam Kadamon.
Rasiel: An Angel under the care of Zaphkiel. He is a very kind-hearted boy and Zaphkiel is trying to keep him away from the corruption of Heaven.
Yue Katou: Friend of Kira, a drug user. Katou is a cold character and doesn't get close to anyone.
Kurai: A demon princess who follows Setsuna around, trying to get him to awaken as Alexiel. She dresses and acts like a boy, and has a traumatic past behind her.
Arakune: Kurai's crossdressing cousin. He follows her everywhere and is very protective of the young princess.
Ruri: Sara's best friend. She can see the auras of Angels and has a crush on Sara's brother, Setsuna. Everyone thinks she's strange because she's different.