Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Messiah

Background: Does not speak with his voice - he'd slit his throat in order to prevent any more words being spoken, so much does he regret cursing Alexiel.

Basic: The Angel of Earth, he's gone down to hell in self-exile, wishing to repent for his crimes against Alexiel.

Information: Uriel spends most of his time nowadays in Hell, with his creation, Doll. He has black wings, and left Heaven after placing the curse upon Alexiel , for he loved her. Uriel wished to die by Setsuna's hand when he arrived in Hell, but Setsuna declines, and asks for Uriel's help instead. Uriel aids him, and decides to help him from his position in Hell. He gives Katou his new body, and during Sara's trial returns to Heaven in order to testify.