Mad Hatter

Age: Unknown
Gender: Both ^^
Allegiance: Unknown

Background: Very little is known about Mad Hatter's background, but s/he was the Angel Belial in Heaven before she became a fallen angel.

Basic: An Angel gone Evil.

Information: The Mad Hatter is definitely the strangest character I know of in Angel Sanctuary thus far. S/he delivers messages from another entity, and often follows Kurai around - even asks her/him if she'll marry Lucifer , the high lord of hell. S/he is in love with Lucifer , and s/he lies - a lot. S/he can't be trusted. The Mad Hatter isn't really a man or a woman, and chooses to be recognized as nether. The name Lucifer (god?) gave her is Belial, which means 'worthless' and she does her best to be the most useful worthless being she can. S/he wants to please Lucifer and therefore will do her best to make Setsuna a lost and wandering soul. The Mad Hatter was meant to be female, but was never fully developed, and is one of God's mistakes. The Mad Hatter is saved by Asmodeus after Arakune stabs him/her straight through, but doesn't truly want to live. S/he was involved in a scandal that tarnished Raphael's name.