I like Sara
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Lirien: Yeah, I like Sara. I think she is pretty spunky considering the role she is given. Yuki-san could have made her helpless and stupid, but I'm glad she didn't. It gives me yet another character to like. In a lot of the coloured pics, Sara looks ditzy (but pretty) or really clingy to Setsuna, but her real personality is much deeper. You gotta like a girl who doesn't do everything she is told and has a mind of her own about what is right and wrong and is not afraid to stand up for it. In that way, she is very like her old self, Jibriel.

Sara: Yes of course, I like her a lot. I think it is remarkable when she dies. Such a kind of unselfishness is really desireable x.X so...

I feel neutral toward Sara
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Arsenothelys: Sara isn't very likeable, except in a few spots. When she aided Ruri, she appealed heavily to me, and the scene at the airport was nice as well. But after that, she's far too busy being passive and in danger to actually show much character - in fact, most of her realizations are just recaps of the story. Personally, I think it's a pity she doesn't show a wider range of emotions. She deserved more. Still, her love for him is Setsuna's main motivation, and thereofre integral to the story. But being a plot element prevents her from being a full person.

I dislike Sara
2 opinions

Ayashi: I don't really like Sara x_x She always annoyed me right from the beginning. And... grar. There's just something about her that really gets on my nerves. And the way she left Lily in Heaven when she went to go get Setsuna ;_; Her only saving grace is that she went back for Lily :F

Shatiel: I don't like her. I really don't, because she lied to Lily for getting near Setsuna, and then she didn't go with him! That made me much angrier, because Setsuna was so lucky when he had her bag. And then she just told him, she wont go with him. Yeah, I think she was right... but anyway, it wasn't okay to do that to Lily and then hurting Setsuna. She's the reason, why Setsuna is so stupid. She gets on my nerves. Because of her I don't really like Setsuna. She makes him stupid.

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