Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Himself

Background: Twin brother of Alexiel , sealed into the earth by her during the war.

Basic: A mysterious Angel who tries to bring back Alexiel's consciousness in Setsuna , and completely obsessed with his sister.

Information: Out of the two of them, Rociel was the one to earn God's love, and for this Alexiel was jealous of him. His beauty was well known in Heaven, but his power did not match up to Alexiel's , for he didn't have the strength to stand against her when she sealed him into the earth. He was unsealed by Katan , who gained the energy for Rociel's awakening through the game "Angel Sanctuary". Rociel has been slowly driven mad, and now exists for his sister to love him and to acknowledge that he is beautiful. He ignored Katan's wishes to return to Heaven, due to the chaos Sevi was making, but Rociel instead remained on Assiah in order to search for Alexiel and awaken her current incarnation to his power. Long before the story began, when Rociel and Alexiel had been together and Rociel sane, he had realized that his body had been deteriorating for yaers and his mind wouldn't hold out much longer. He begged for Alexiel to kill him when his mind was gone, so that he could not swallow up the world in his hunger for power. Alexiel was unable to kill him when the time came, for he cried out to her, demanding to know how she could kill her beloved brother, leaving doubt in her heart. She instead sealed him away into the earth. Since meeting Setsuna, Rociel has been constantly attacking him and the ones he loves, trying to awaken Alexiel. Inside Rociel and Alexiel together is the key to the tower where Adam Kadamon hides, and so he steals Alexiel's body in order to accomplish his goal. He alone destroys much of Gehenna, killing many demons, and also attacks Setsuna, killing Kira when he tried to protect his friend. Rociel has been pulling everyone's strings, watching Sevi's moves, and always seems to know what's going to happen and how. As Sevi mentally falls apart, as Layla, after she is raped by Sandalphon, Rociel takes over Heaven with his troops. He uses Lucifer, his new weapon, to drive Layla further insane, and imprisons Metatron / Sandalphon , keeping them away from any living creature. Rociel wishes to merge with his sister's body in order to recover, since his body has begun to rot. He is the other half of the key that is Adam Kadamon's power, and also the entrance to the Tower of Etemananki. When he realizes that he's killed Katan, one of the only things he's ever loved, he becomes an angel of destruction that hates everything, as his "heart", a crystal within his body, was removed by the fake Adam Kadamon. Setsuna, however, allows Alexiel to awaken, and Rociel calmly dies at her hand.