Age: Young (Child)
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Himself

Background: Has a brother, Sandalphon , that he doesn't know about.

Basic: The future ruler of Heaven, but as of now is too young - Sevotharte is ruling in his stead.

Information: A spoiled, whiny, selfish child that spends most of his time playing with stuffed animals. He fears Rociel, believing Rociel wishes to kill him, but unbeknownst to him has Sevi against him as well, for Sevotharte doesn't wish to give up the throne to Heaven. Sevi has been giving Metatron medicine, but Metatron has been taking less of a dosage than Sevi wished. This medicine suppressed the being inside Metatron - his twin brother, Sandalphon - and prevented him from taking over Metatron's body. Metatron loves Sevi , and wished for the longest time to tell him so, and only speaking to Sara got him to finally decide to go along with his wish to tell Sevi of his love for him. Metatron seems to have no powers, but that is because his true power is that he is Sandalphon's "brake". If Sandalphon were to go berserk, Metatron knows of Sandalphon's weaknesses and can control him.