Welcome to the Character Forum ^_^ Click on a name below to go to the desired page. There you can find various people's opinions on certain characters, whether they be good, neutral, or bad. I've picked out characters for special reasons, but if you ask I'd be happy to add another character to the list. If you'd like to submit your own opinion, you can do so by filling out the form on this page, or emailing me.

Proceed with caution - you may come across spoilers. If you have not read the whole manga and don't wish to be spoiled, it may be wise not to proceed. However, you can still submit an opinion on a particular character.


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1) Please try to use correct spelling and grammar. I will not edit the entries, and therefore I hope that at least simple words are spelled correctly. Also, refrain from overabundant swearing, and refrain from using too harsh language. I will edit posts that contain too much swearing (and swears that are too harsh) by *ing the words out.

2) Do not submit an opinion simply to contradict someone else. The opinion must be how you feel about a certain character and why you feel that way, not a list of contradictions from someone else's post. I don't want flame wars in here, and I will not post opinions that attack another person who submitted.

3) Refrain from using words that are or might seem prejudice, such as "that is so gay". It may be offending to some people who visit the site, and I find the language inappropiate myself. Your opinion must be well-backed, not simply a string of "I like her because she's pretty", swearing, and derogatory words.

4) There is no limit to how short or long the submission will be, but please try to give it some content.

5) This is perhaps the most imporant part of this entire guidelines section. Please do not mention spoilers for anything past graphic novel 17. If you are unsure whether something is from that area or not, then leave it out. This is very important to me, as I do not want to be spoiled for this series, and there are many people out there that don't want that either. If your submission has anything involving spoilers for graphic novels I haven't read yet, I won't post them (because this site is supposed to be safe for anyone who has read as much as I have).