Sara Mudou

Age: Mid Teens
Gender: Female
Allegiance: Setsuna

Background: Has an older brother, Setsuna Mudou, and since their parents' divorce has lived with her mother, who is very protective of her. She has loved her brother for a long time, but believed it nothing more than a childish infatuation. Even so, she was the cause of Setsuna's few and broken relationships.

Basic: The sister of Setsuna Mudou, and the earthly incarnation of Gabriel, the Angel of Water.

Information: After learning that Sara and Setsuna's loved each other as more than just siblings, Sara's mother opted to move back to England, their old home, bringing Sara with her. She'd arranged a marriage for Sara, but as they arrived at the airport, Setsuna's arrived and proclaimed his love to Sara. Kira acted as a distraction while the two of them escaped, and for a short time the couple lived happily. However, that happiness was shattered by Kirie , an angel in allegiance with Rociel - she decided to murder Setsuna because of Rociel's preoccupation with him. Sara died, jumping in front of Kirie's attack aimed at her brother, and her soul went to hell. Her sacrifice broke the curse upon Setsuna's to die a terrible death in each of his incarnations (a curse placed upon Alexiel by Uriel , Angel of Earth). Setsuna went searching for her in Hell, but came up with little information - Sara's soul had actually been brought to Heaven, and found itself back in it's original body -- the body of the Angel of Water,
Gabriel . When she awoke, she found herself nearly blind and with no recollection of her time as the Angel of Water, leaving her very confused. With her powers she aids Raphael in returning Setsuna's to his original body, and her sight is returned to her. Raphael returns her to Heaven, and Sevotharte declares there shall be a trial - she has been charged for having unnatural relations with her blood brother as Sara Mudou. Sevi plans to put her to "death", destroying her body so her brain is hardly functioning, and plans for he to have the power over Water. He cannot destroy her unless a new angel is named the Angel of Water, for if he did, the balance of the world would be shattered. Sara (as Gabriel ) befriends Moon Lily , a servant of Sevotharte , and when she gets a chance to finally get back to
Setsuna's , she turns away, returning to Heaven in order to help Moon Lily . Sara was left alone by
Raphael when he went to go have an audience with Setsuna's and Uriel , and in that time was tricked by Sandalphon into believing he was Setsuna's . She now carries a "precious red-eyed baby", Sandalphon's child, and is the mother to Sandalphon's new body. She appears to have partially and at least temporarily lost her mind since that time, and lashes out at Setsuna's when he tries to speak to her. Sara was possessed by Sandalphon and possessed as she was, killed many people, including fatally injuring Barbiel, which almost in turn led to Raphael's death as well. Sandalphon wished to enter the Tower of Etemananki in order to obtain the "Heaven's Tablet" to gain the power to be born from Sara's body. Setsuna freed Sara from her spell by "killing" her - cutting her clothes with his sword and also cutting his own self, giving the illusion that it was Sara's blood that came from her body. He brought Sara back down to earth when it was all done, and now the two of them once more simply brother and sister - Setsuna no longer has the powers he had as Alexiel, but they were happy because they could just live together like they always had before.

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