Age: Young Male Demon
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Kurai

Background: Twin brother to Noise and has a crush on Kurai.

Basic: A normal demon who is very protective of his princess.

Information: The twin brother of Noise , Voice only has one wing (whereas Noise has the other wing). He is in love with Kurai , and can't seem to see why Kurai is so obsessed with Setsuna . He's also a vampire. Voice hated Setsuna at first - he wanted nothing to do with him, even though he had the body of Alexiel , the Angel who had rebelled against God. He believed that even though Alexiel had betrayed God, she was still an Angel and Setsuna was still a human. He held a lot of prejudices, until he realized that Setsuna really wielded the power of Messiah. Voice lost one of his arms protecting Setsuna from the Angel of Fire, Michael . He almost died saved Setsuna's life. Setsuna brought him back to hell in a hurry, and managed to save Voice. He also got another arm. Voice does everything he can to protect Setsuna , because he doesn't want to see the princess cry. Voice dies by Arakune's hand when he's out looking for Kurai and he stumbles upon Arakune's shrine to the dark lord.