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Broken Conspiracy: Let me being with this. I'm *not* one of those giddy teenage girls who just like Kira souly because he's a good-looking character... I mean, yes.... he is... but it's nothing to get worked up over. Sometimes, yes, Kira seems a little distant. But the fact that he doesn't seem to have *any* character just gives him more depth. It seems to me that he keeps his emotion hidden most of the time, giving himself the effect that he hasn't a care in the world when the emotion and the character that we have been missing is bottled up somewhere. I mean... maybe I'm just looking too hard, or maybe I just notice things that other people don't, but I always thought that Kira had some character and I'm sticking to that. With that, I conclude: I. Like. Kira.

Ayashi: Kira was a confusing character to me. Throughout most of the series, I looked at Kira with a very neutral eye. He was not a particularly likeable character to me. (I don't always tend to like the quiet, cold characters, such as Kira is.) However, Kira has quite a lot of depth, and he was an incredibly interesting character to me, getting more so as the series finally progressed with his character development, revealing his true self. I did end up liking him, and the bond that he and Setsuna had acquired during Kira's time as a human (as opposed to a demon).

Jennifer: I think he is the best person in AS cus he can kill anyone he wants to but he is also a sweet person. I don't care what you say he is my fave. I like him so much becuse he is the cutes one also.

La Ronda Karen: Okay, just letting you know...I'm very devoted and loyal to Kira, so I was quite surprised when I saw that no one put down a comment on liking Kira...and it kinda got me a short bit sad. I love Kira...because A) He's such a badass(pardon the language, but he is) B) He's gorgeous(I'm probably going to get destroyed for that one) C) He seems to know what's going to happen before it actually does/He's mysterious D) He expresses little or no fear and E) because it's touching and sad, y'know? No matter how hard he tried to get his 'father' to hate him, and to get himself to hate his father, he couldn't do it. It's sweet, in a way. ^-^ Yeah, so the purpose of this was to say...'He may lose importance later in the series, but damn... I like/love him anyway!' or something along those lines o.o; (This was not intended to offend anybody, if anyone IS offended by this regardless, I shall allow you to throw bananas and various fruits at me)

Caroline: He's my favourite character in Angels Sanctuary. He's so cute, lovely, cynical but stirring... His love to Alexiel, his complex personnality, all he does for Setsuna and Sara... He's generosous, devoted, but also mysterious and dark a.k.a. Lucifer... I'm sorry if I don't use correct grammar, it's because I'm French and I don't speak English very well. (Caroline continued the rest of the comment in French, but since I can't read French and therefore cannot translate it to English, I've left it off. Sorry, Caroline!)

I feel neutral toward Kira
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I dislike Kira
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Arsenothelys: I don't dislike Kira as much per se, but rather because so many people seem to like him for no good reason. He's interesting, but like a scientific study is interesting - he lose some persaonlity after the start of the story, but that's simply because of the introduction of the new cast members. His exchanges with concubine Setsuna and with the real young Kira wer touching, but after that, he loses a lot of appeal, and becomes mediocre. I haven't read every volume yet, though, and I don't doubt he'll start playing a more sympathetic part later on. But for now, he's just tagging along. Oh, and he dislikes transvestites. *Big* no-no in my book. ^_~

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