Age: Same age as Michael, but the age if Unknown
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Unknown

Background: The twin brother of Michael . He was the more "glorious" of the two and received all the praise, inciting jealousy from his twin.

Basic: The lord of the underworld.

Information: High Lord of Hell. Has had 998 "brides", also known has sacrifices. Kurai was supposed to be his 999th, but Arakune sacrificed himself in her place in order to keep Hell whole. Lucifer has no real incarnation in hell, for he is the ground itself. Kira , however, is Lucifer's soul, and it was said by Alexiel that soon he would awaken as Lucifer and stand in Setsuna's way. Was called "Lucifel" when he lived in Heaven. He is Michael's twin brother, cruel and power-hungry, and when he rebelled against heaven many of the high ranking angels followed him due to his charismatic nature. His body became Hell, and when Kira died the Evils performed a ritual that seperated Hell from Earth, causing it to crash into Heaven, killing thousands, but ultimately saving the lives of many of the demons in Hell. Lucifer kills God, or so he thinks, and Adam Kadamon is set free.

Setsuna attempts to bring out the humanity in Lucifer, and even Sakuya tries. Eventually Kira reveals himself, saving Setsuna and ultimately the earth by delivering the order to destroy Heaven's Tablet.