Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Messiah

Background: In the past, Zaphkiel was one of the Angels who worked to purge Heaven of the "rabbits", the red-eyed children spawned through forbidden love - the love between two angels. During this time he fell in love with the angel Anael. Zaphkiel was tricked into killing her and was afterward ordered to commit suicide. Adam Kadamon , refusing to allow him to die, intervened, allowing him to live in return for his sight. He was branded as a "Fallen Angel" by Sevotharte to remind him of the debt he owes and should always keep, but despite that is one of the few "pure" angels among the vast corruption that has overtaken heaven.

Basic: A blind Angel who secretly works against Sevotharte , trying to better Heaven.

Information: A mysterious Angel with a scar across his neck, Zaphkiel takes care of Rasiel , having saved him and brought him in when he was at a young age and subject to experiments the other angels were doing. He raised Rasiel to take his place as the leader of Anima Mundi, a rebel group Zaphkiel leads. In the end, he sacrifices himself to save Setsuna , leaping in front of bullets meant for the Messiah, and was locked up in a prison where his sentence was declared - "Wing Drop". [For more information on the wing drop, see the Information section.] The Wing Drop was performed, and Zaphkiel began to transform into a ghoul, a soulless and unintelligent creature that feasts upon the bodies of other angels to survive. As his last act of bravery and strength, Zaphkiel saved Kira and Setsuna's lives, killing Sariel, and spent his last sane moments watching visions offered to him by Adam Kadamon and telling Setsuna of his true manipulative nature, telling how he had planned his own death and Sara's return to Sevotharte. Rasiel ended his life at last as he completely lost his sanity.