Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Unknown

Background: Michael had a twin brother - Lucifer . He grew much slower than his brother, and was seen as a "lesser" angel compared to him, even considered so after the discovery that he was an Angel of Fire. Due to his brother's power, Michael has a huge brother complex, also due to Lucifer's constant cruel putting down of him, and he wants to someday be able to kill him so he can finally know that he is the better of the two.

Basic: The tempermental angel of fire.

Information: Violence is - or should be - Michael's middle name. Or maybe his first, or his last. He attacks without warning and has little to no of a code of honor. He is almost the opposite of his brother Raphael, and doesn't care for girls very much at all - unlike Raphael - going out of his way to make them miserable. He dislikes his nickname - Mika-chan - because it makes him appear cute, and loathes being made fun of. He has a lot of pride, especially in his demon hunting.