Age: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Allegiance: Himself

Background: In the past, Sevotharte was the woman known as Layla.

Basic: The current ruler in Heaven, acting as regent in Metatron's place.

Information: Sevotharte is very cold, showing no emotion and hiding his face almost completely. He is willing to go to any lengths to get what he wants, and if he gets his way will be ruling Heaven forever. He'll do anything he can to gain control over the angels, even if it means lying to them, and claims to speak with the voice of God - however, what he hasn't told the angels is that God's not talking. The angels fear even coming into contact with him, for one misplaced word or glance can mean death, and due to this fear Heaven is falling apart. He once fought in a war beside Zaphkiel , and so the two know each other from the past. He has had quite a past with Gabriel - she was completely opposed to him, and in order to silence her he put her into her silent state and basically he was the one that sent her down to earth as Setsuna's guardian angel. Sevotharte wishes to cleanse heaven, destroying the angels that aren't 100% perfect and destroying humanity as well. In the later volumes it is revealed that "he" is not a man at all, and is "Layla", a friend of Anael. Sevi/Layla is impregnated by Sandalphon , but doesn't carry the baby for long - she throws herself from the tower she is imprisoned within by Anima Mundi to be with Nid Hogg once more.