Setsuna Mudou

Age: Mid-Late Teens
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Rebel Angels of Heaven and Gehenna

Background: Has a younger sister, Sara Mudou, and since his parents' divorce has lived with his father, while his sister lives with the mother. Setsuna was the reason for the divorce, as the mother believed he was unnatural and cared little for him, and still she refuses to see her son whenever possible. Setsuna and Sara have been setting aside times to spend with each other so they wouldn't lose touch, but Setsuna feels as if he may be in love with his sister, and in order to protect her from that decides that the meetings should be stopped. He's tried to shake off his feelings for his sister, but at the same time also feels that she is the only one he can love. Due to his feelings for Sara, Setsuna never had many relationships, despite his looks, and in one instance where he did, Sara attacked the relationship until there was nothing left to it, forcing a break-up.

Basic: The main character of Angel Sanctuary, Messiah and reincarnation of the Organic Angel Alexiel.

Information: Setsuna is the loyal and kind-hearted reincarnation of the Organic Angel Alexiel. At first appearance he isn't the type to be called a "Messiah" - he seems rather like an ordinary high school student. That is, in many ways, what he really is - Setsuna retained no memories of his former lives, including that of Alexiel, and so his only experiences and memories are those of Setsuna Mudou, and his experiences were hardly extraordinary and not the type that really could create a "Messiah". However, the events from the beginning of the story begin to build upon Setsuna's character, slowly building someone capable of leadership and someone who has the strength to be a savior. It begins with
Rociel's awakening, and as the two demons Kurai and Arakune urge him on to become
Alexiel, and as the crazed Rociel struggles to bring out Alexiel in him, he is thrown into a whirlwind of events that never seem to cease. When Sara is killed by Kirie, Setsuna heads to Hell to find her, preserving his body with the Nanatsusaya through his heart. From then on he has a few days to find Sara and bring her back from hell. However, Voice accidentally pulls the Nanatsusaya from Setsuna's chest, and when he returns - without Sara, for she had been taken to Heaven - Setsuna awakens in Alexiel's body. After having his body returned to him by Raphael, Setsuna ventures into Heaven to find Sara with Zaphkiel's aid, after hearing of her impending trial. Setsuna, as Messiah, gives the Angels of the secret organization Anima Mundi hope that they can still take Heaven back to the honorable ways and restore a holy ruler. He learns how heavy his actions weigh upon other people when Zaphkiel is captured and Sara voluntarily rejects him and returns to Sevi for Moon Lily's sake, and he revolutionizes his ways of thinking, deciding that he will become a true messiah, one that really can help the demons and the angels on his side. He does eventually end up accepting who he is, and from there is able to use the power of the third wing. Setsuna was created by Alexiel, by using all the power she had gained from her previous lives. He was the "perfect" Messiah, and lives to save earth by destroying the computer "Heaven's Tablet" that is keeping statistics on the world. Setsuna gained Rociel's three wings willingly after Rociel's death, and now had 6 wings. The computer, Heaven's Tablet, attempts to reset itself when it realizes all the problems around, and releases tiny winged beings to devour all living things. On Kira's order, Setsuna destroys the computer and saves the world. He returns to earth and loses all his astral powers, but is not saddened, for now he is able to live with his sister Sara as he had wished, in peace.