The Angel Sanctuary manga has been completed and is 20 graphic novels long. It ran in Hana To Yume Comics until December 2001. The art is by Kaori Yuki (with help from assistants), and the story is written by her as well. The manga can be found in German, Chinese, French, and of course its original Japanese version. The Japanese version of the first graphic novel looks like this, if you would like it buy it but don't know what it looks like. The spine is very similar; it is the same shade of green and has the same words on it as the front does, the red "Tenshi Kinryouku" and the blue "Kaori Yuki". Most Japanese bookstores have people that you can just show the title to (in kanji) and they can often find it for you.

Viz has announced that it will release the English version of Angel Sanctuary starting in March 2004. Enjoy everyone! :)

Buying Information: Two stores you can get the Japanese version from are Sasuga Books and Vengeance of Excalibur. (While I don't know if there is an actual store where VOE is located, I have been to Sasuga Books in Cambridge and they carry most of the manga most of the time.) The websites for these stores ( and respectively) are both very reliable - I have repeatedly made orders from both websites. I recommend these two sites because has the fastest shipping of any anime store company I've ever used online, and Sasuga Books will do special orders for you and has a very large selection.

There is no official English translation of Angel Sanctuary (yet- March 2004), meaning that it is impossible to find the manga in your local bookstore in English. I don't know where you can find the other language versions. Your best bet is to check ebay or, if you live in that country, go to your local bookstore, where comics are sold.

English translations can be found at various places on the net. Below I've listed all of the translation sites I know of. Please e-mail me if you know of any more. I can try to keep the listed number of translations available updated, but don't rely on it. If it's been a while since my site's last update, the translator may be past what I have listed.

I, personally, am against scanlations... I don't mind if people use them to read the manga and have already/are planning on buying the graphic novels, but I guess it does kind of bother me that some people just download them and read them, and never support the author in any way. I feel the same way about downloading anime. If you can buy the anime locally, it really is a good idea to do it... it isn't fair to the people who created these beautiful works that so many people just use what they worked so hard on and don't pay a penny for it. (Translations for 1-15)
Project OManga (Translations for 1-20)