Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Hard to tell - in the end, however, he chooses the Elemental Angels.

Background: Unknown

Basic: The Angel of Wind, a doctor who spends a lot more time doing other things to the women he treats.

Information: The best healer there is, but is hard pressed to properly heal a woman...or heal a man at all. He is the only healer in the world with the power to bring back the dead, and revives Setsuna's body. Raphael is not really the type to rebel, and for the most part grudgingly follows Sevotharte's orders, especially when Barbiel is kept under surveillence and he is ordered to give Sara a drink that will keep her from speaking. However, when Barbiel escapes, Raphael goes against Sevi and aids Sara, returning her voice to her and allowing her to defend herself for the trial. He returns Sara to her body and asks her to promise him that if Setsuna were to ever die, she would choose Raphael to stay with her. It seems after all this time he has fallen in love with her, though he denies it himself (or at least denies the existance of "love" at all). Raphael realizes how horrible he has treated women when Barbiel jumps in front of him and sacrifices herself, and it is this realization that led him to selflessly sacrifice himself in order to allow her to live. He expends all of his strength healing her, and though he survives, he must sleep for 10 years in order to heal his injuries and regain his strength.