Age: Youngish
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Zaphkiel -> Messiah

Background: Rasiel is (unknowingly) Zaphkiel's son, and is one of the "Ions", Angels born of the forbidden union of two angels, but it isn't evident from just looking at him, as it is with many other Ions.

Basic: Zaphkiel's understudy, a boy taken in by him when he was young, with extraordinary but unrealized power.

Information: As an understudy, Rasiel is very talented, and is also Zaphkiel's weak point due to how much Zaphkiel cares for him. Sevotharte realizes this and tries more than one to use Rasiel against Zaphkiel in order to get something out of the older Angel. Rasiel can sense Sara and can in a way communicate with her, and so he and Zaphkiel for a while had been studying her soul. Rasiel fell in love for the first time with the Angel "Shatiel", an Angel not considered a true Angel because of the lack of one of her wings. She was killed due to Rasiel's naive actions, and afterward Rasiel realized that the society he lived in was a lie. He dedicated himself to Zaphkiel , and decided to help him as part of the rebel faction of angels known as Anima Mundi. Rasiel was taken to Gehenna by Zaphkiel to help him, and it's revealed that when Rasiel uses his power, his eyes turn red - the color of an Ion's eyes. Rasiel's power increases with the power of his enemies, and he can even control others, turning a man's hands against his will so the gun had been turned against him. As Zaphkiel dies, Adam Kadamon reveals to them all - except for Rasiel - that Zaphkiel was his father and Anael his mother. Zaphkiel names Rasiel the new leader of Anima Mundi, and he dies - Rasiel believing all the time that he is nothing more than his beloved mentor, rather than his father. Rasiel is the one to end Zaphkiel's life.