Moon Lily

Age: Unknown; has the intelligence of a child
Gender: Female
Allegiance: Sara / Gabriel

Background: Once one of the Gregori, as Katan was, and was given a body in order to serve Sevotharte . Unlike Katan , however, she was created merely to be a maid, and her mind was impaired, giving her the mental capacity of a young child.

Basic: Servant of Sevi , given to Sara / Gabriel in order to serve her while she's imprisoned.

Information: Loves Sara (not romantically) and follows her around everywhere. Moon Lily is completely trusting, and hated by Sevotharte - in Heaven, the maids hated by him wear the shortest skirts, and hers is just about as short as it can be. Before she was given to serve Sara , she'd been being abused sexually by one of the Angels in Heaven, and never understood what he was doing to her because of her childlike mind.