Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Rociel

Background: Once a Gregori, Katan was granted a life and body by Rociel . In this way he is Rociel's "son", and loves him deeply.

Basic: An Angel who works for Rociel , trying to do what is right and yet trying to serve Rociel at the same time.

Information: While feeling strongly for Rociel , it's important to note that Katan does not believe in everything Rociel does or says, as Kirie does. Katan hates how Rociel gains control of his people completely, how they don't even have a mind or individuality anymore, and despises unecessary sacrifice. He tried to convince Kirie that killing Sara would be wrong, and after she does the deed attempted to save her and bring her away from Setsuna , but Kirie doesn't move and is swallowed up in the blast of Setsuna's power. Katan is badly injured, one half of his body ravaged by Setsuna's attack, and Rociel tries to force a pill into Katan's mouth in order to try to save him. Katan rejects it, and his body becomes mostly wires. He devours all that Rociel sends into his room, except Rociel himself, until a little girl named Teitiel comes to him. When she was killed protecting Katan, Katan ripped apart the Angels that attacked her, and shortly later regains his body in order to be with Rociel once more. It's unclear whether or not the Katan that returns to Rociel is the same Katan that was torn apart by Setsuna's power, however, he still deeply cares for and worries about Rociel. Katan is thought to have killed Rociel and thus is branded traitor. A gregori sees him and tells Katan that if Katan wants to save Rociel then he must go to the Tower of Etemananki. Katan travels there, slipping inside with Sandalphon and is injured as he enters. He coughs up wires, and Setsuna and Kurai both see this and recognize it as something special to Rociel's victims. However, Setsuna allows Katan to live, recognizing the determination Katan has in reaching Rociel. While Rociel is in his crazed state, he kills Katan, and Katan dies still thinking of his love and loyalty for Rociel.