Age: Mid Teens
Gender: Female
Allegiance: n/a

Background: A good friend of Sara's.

Basic: A friend of Sara and one of Rociel's first victims.

Information: Ruri has fallen in love with Setsuna by the beginning of the story, and Sara reluctantly agrees to try to set her up with Setsuna . While it is still being set up, Ruri comes across Katan , who shows her the game "Angel Sanctuary". Setsuna arrives then, shoving Katan away, and tells Ruri how much better she looks without her glasses on - this gives Ruri hope for a relationship with him, and Sara brings the two to an old chapel to try to get them together (though she personally didn't want them to be together, she was trying for the sake of her friend). To try to awaken Alexiel , Katan attacks the church, and Setsuna leaps ot protect Sara , leaving Ruri unprotected. Her eyes are severely damaged, and she ends up blind, with bandages over her eyes. During this time she uses the game Angel Sanctuary, and slowly has her soul sucked up to be used by Rociel. She is granted sight just long enough to see Rociel , and then her body and soul are both swallowed up by Rociel , and her form is used by Rociel to get to Sara and Setsuna - neither of them the wiser.