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Page Policy

This is, I guess, a sort of long disclaimer. Anyway...let's cut through all of the small stuff and get right down to my point. Don't steal anything on this webpage to use on your own without my permission. Though I did not draw this art, I edited these images, I scanned these pictures [but please feel free to use my scanned images on your website. I'd just appreciate it if you gave a link back here, and if you gave me credit for scanning them], I made these backgrounds, I made this website, and I typed up everything here. I didn't make this webpage so other people could steal off of it. Everything here is for entertainment purposes only. If you want to use my pictures on your own website, that's fine, but I would at least like credit for scanning them and a link to this webpage. For those of you that don't have a scanner, you have NO IDEA how long it takes to scan these pictures, especially at the size I scan them so I can use them for image editing and anything else I might want them for. What I scan, I scan very large - probably double the original size, sometimes triple, sometimes more. It makes for *very* good quality images after they're resized to their original. It takes a very long time to scan, especially with my scanner and the computer I'm using. I don't care if you take them for personal viewing on your computer...but I don't want to see them on your website if you're claiming that they are your own. I don't want to have to be one of those people who puts their logo on everything they do or scan, but if I'm pushed to do so, I will. Don't think I won't find you - there aren't *that* many Angel Sanctuary websites out there. Anyway...please just assign credit where credit is due. If you want to post up a winamp skin on the site for example, please say who did it. Giving credit is simple, and it doesn't take that much time to do. You'll just end up ruining things for everyone else, and I don't want to see logos on my scans anymore than you want them there. Please follow this policy, and you'll never have to see them.

About my information on the site (i.e. character information), I better not see THAT on anyone's site, ever. You won't get my permission to have it, and you better not ask either. I spent hours typing up everything on this site, and if you want to make your own website, you damn well should type up your own information! If you're too lazy to write up a few sentences about a few characters, or about anything else, you shouldn't be making a webpage. This whole first section of the disclaimer can be shortened down to one sentence. Don't steal anyone's stuff off of their websites because it'll only make the world suck more than it does already.

And another thing. I was looking around on the web one day and I found this thing that basically said, "people shouldn't put graphics on their page if they don't want people to use them, it's that simple". People say they don't want their images/information stolen for a reason. Please appreciate all the time it takes to scan images, edit them, or do anything else like that. It's really offending to see your own material on a website that has some 'don't steal' policy. What the hell are you, a hypocrite? Sorry if I'm being really 'grah, blah, go away' but this is how I feel about stealing. I can't stand when I see *other people's* work on other webpages, I don't know how I'd feel if I saw my *own* work where it shouldn't be. Hello, graphics are a necessary part of a webpage's life. Without graphics, people probably won't like it (the webpage) as much as they might otherwise. Content is important, but so is design. Simple designs aren't bad, hell, I use them. But images are very important, don't underestimate the power of graphics to bring people to webpages.

Please don't link directly to anything here either, like pictures, any page other than the enter page, or anything in the downloads section or any specific pages on this website. I don't care if you want to link to the website itself - please e-mail me first though, so I can link to you. You don't have to e-mail me of course, but it might be nice, because I could expand my links section a bit. Please use a banner to link, unless of course you prefer text links. You can find the banners in the Omake section. Also -- I don't link to offending sites or hate sites. That means no hentai and no hate shrines. I don't like them at *all*. I don't want to link to anything that might offend people. I do mean within reason of course. If anyone comes to an Angel Sanctuary page, they must have at least a somewhat liberal mind, considering the issues dealt with in the manga. If one of the places I link to links to sites containing hate shrines or hentai, that isn't my problem. However, this site and all sites I directly link to will be hentai free. Sorry for any inconveniences this might cause, but it's my policy and dammit I'm keeping to it.

The background of the site was created by cutting this image up. It took me about half an hour (or longer) to make the background. Please, do not use it without asking.

If you e-mail me, and I don't e-mail you back, the e-mail may have not reached me, I may be too busy to check my e-mail, or I may be too busy to reply to it. If you don't get a reply in 2 weeks, please resend the e-mail. Chances are that I'm having troubles with my e-mail, because usually I do reply to the e-mails people send me, and usually I do check my e-mail at least once every few days, but I guess it's possible that I could be really busy ^^;

I would appreciate it if you didn't e-mail me asking for updates. I'm a busy person. I'm in my senior year of high school and I have a lot of work to do, both in and out of school. I'm not a little web bot that suddenly was programed to make a website and update it every week or whatever. If I don't update one week, or month, or whatever, it's either because there's nothing to update or because I'm busy. If I go longer than a month, an e-mail would be okay, but please make it polite. I got a really nasty e-mail about my Evangelion webpage once, so that's why this is here -.-

Addition 10/02/01 :: OAV character sketches from the Angel Sanctuary DVD released in America have been posted. I only posted a few, the DVD includes a lot more. I want to encourage you to buy the DVD, so that's all from the dvd I'm going to be posting.


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