Jigoku No Hankou
(Hell's Rebellion)

by Kiralexiel
~Project KLA - Fallen~

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The skyline of Tokyo remained beautiful despite the towering skyscrapers. The moonlight enveloped the city in brightness and shadows, allowing one to gaze upon its beauty undiscovered.

A breeze drew the ends of the cloak against her body. Hints of silver gleamed beneath the hooded garment. The cloak masked her features concealing everything but her eyes and hints of an intricate headpiece upon her silver strands. Amusement gleemed in her eyes.

A current disturbed the quite breeze. She looked up and found a figure in the sky. Cloaked in darkness but for the brilliance of its wings.

'Tenshi!? What is an angel doing here in Assiah?' she thought.

Quickly she stepped back into the shadows, concealing her completely.

He flew down onto the building, wings gracefully spread out to soften his descent. For a moment the girl stared, entranced with the ethereal beauty of the figure she saw. Only when the wings enveloped the young man and disappear did she fall out of her trance.

'Strong aura...a high ranking angel for sure!' she spat.

A tired sigh came from the figure, as he took of his hat and ran a gloved hand through blonde hair. It gleamed contrastingly to the severe bleakness of his outfit.

"What a much paper work," he complained. He turned around to face the city below, placing his hands on the building's safety rails. "It really is amusing...humans think that heaven is all paradise..." he scoffed.

Silently the girl approached him, keeping at a distance.

"Soka...tengoku ga...heaven... is still the same," she commented dryly starling him.

"Dare da?!"

Ignoring his question she continued speaking while approaching the safety rails. "It seems hell isn't so different from heaven after all. Even after all those wars and rebellions they're still not satisfied."

"What're you talking about? "

"Don't you know, those in Sheol they're all fallen angels. They're not satisfied with this. Revenge. Power. Asmodeus was already starting small rebellions against Lucifer during the final war. Now that Lucifer's gone, a full fledged war will happen," she said looking out to the city below. As an after thought, "...I guess."

"You...who are you? How do you know all this? Wh-"

"Karera wo miru. So innocent-"she paused."Iie- so ignorant. Living their lives. All they know are their problems," she continued cutting him off.

He gazed back at the people below. So innocent indeed. The breeze picked up speed pulling at the stray folds of clothing.

"Sou da na," he agreed leaving the issue of her identity. Sighing, "nor will they ever know."

Again, they left the wind to fill the growing silence.


She turned to him, startled. "Nani?"

"The Second Coming. Parousia," he repeated. "But not the messiah."

Hesitantly she spoke the name, "Setsuna..."

"No, his mortal soul won't remember. It will be someone else," he explained.

She closed her eyes to shield a past pain only to open them filled with excitement. "Iie...not someone." Suddenly she turned to him, her icy blue orbs gleaming under the moon.


With that said she caught the wind with her black wings.

"Oi! Mate!" but she was gone. "You forgot...she wasn't the only one... ne Lucifer?"


1.Soka...tengoku ga = "I see...heaven is"

2.Dare da?! = "Who's there/who are you"

3.Karera wo miru (mite) = "Look at them" [gotta check with my japanese teacher if it's miru/mite

4.Sou da na = "Yeah, you're right/ Yes that is right"

"Parousia" is indeed the term for 'The Second Coming'. I didn't make it up. Actually I got it from my religious education (RE) subject. That's it for now...

Sore ja
Mata ne!

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